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A development on the original Land Rover Series, the Land Rover Defender 90 and 110 was designed to be the first modern development on the venerable Land Rover design. This update was a slow, iterative update – one which saw a gradual moving away from the Series III Land Rover towards something more suited towards modern roads.

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Defender 90 and 110 Parts

The Land Rover Defender first appeared on the scene back in 1983 as an iterative update on the Land Rover Series III. The original Land Rover Defenders – known as the ninety and one-ten – featured small, yet important, updates on the Series III design, such as coil springs, a permanent 4x4 wheel drive system, a modernised interior, as well as many others.

About The Defender 90 and 110

The first iteration of the Defender was the 110, shortly followed by the Defender 90 in 1983. As many enthusiasts and automotive historians will know, the numbers 110 and 90 refer to the model's wheelbase length in inches. When the Discovery 1 launched in the late 1980s, Land Rover rebranded the Defender to make them more easily recognisable, thus the names Defender 110 and Defender 90 officially came into force and still define the vehicles today.

Both the Defender 90 and 110 are loved by Land Rover enthusiasts worldwide. As they built on the success of the classic Series model, aesthetically there are few differences between them. The most notable differences between them include a larger bonnet, taller windscreen, and more prominent wheel arches.

Developments on the Series III

That being said, the internal workings of both the Defender 90 and 110 signalled a big step up from the original Series. Each vehicle featured coil springs to reduce strain on the axle and to reduce bumpiness when travelling over challenging terrains.

The engine itself was much more powerful, too, enabling drivers to reach and maintain higher speeds, making them particularly great for covering longer distances.

It is fair to say that the Defender 90 and 110 vehicles are two of the most recognisable vehicles on the road and on the trails - and it is not hard to see why! Offering legendary strength and durability, rugged capabilities, an iconic design and excellent adaptability, the original Land Rover Defender looks perfectly at home on any terrain!

Land Rover Parts & Accessories for Defender 90 and 110

Here at John Craddock Ltd, you will find a range of Land Rover Parts and Accessories for both the Defender 90 and Defender 110 - all of which are available to buy online. Whether you are looking for replacement parts in order to get back on the road, or accessories to up your off-road game, we are certain that we have the right product for you.

We can also fit and install Land Rover Parts and Accessories for your Defender 90 and 110 at our store in Cannock, Staffordshire. When you come to visit us, our mechanics will support you to find the right product for you and help you get it fitted in the right way. Alternatively, we also ship all orders worldwide quickly and efficiently, with a tracking system in place to help you keep an eye on the progress of your delivery.

If you cannot find the part you are looking for, we will do our absolute best to source it for you through our extensive network of Land Rover parts contacts. For more information, please contact our helpful sales team today.