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Following on from the very successful Series 1, after a decade the Series 2 was launched in 1958. Although Land Rover adopted the policy of evolving the vehicle, it had the spirit of the original at its heart, but there were differences to styling and engine size. John Craddock Ltd supplies a vast choice of Land Rover parts and accessories to keep the Series 2 and Series 2a models in optimum working condition both on and off road.

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The Series 2 was produced between 1958 to 1961. This vehicle had more curved styling to its bodywork than the previous version and along with cill panels to hide the chassis, it retained the character of the original but is perhaps the shape we most readily recognise as that of a Land Rover. A wider axle meant that the turning circle was improved, and a 2286cc four cylinder petrol engine was fitted. The changes to the gear box incorporated synchromesh on the 3rd and 4th gear. In September 1961 the Series 2a replaced the Series 2. Although very closely related, it was available in short and long wheel bases. The most notable difference was the change of the headlamp position being moved to the wings for the export market and to comply with new lighting regulations of the time. A 2.25-litre diesel engine was added with later models having the option of a larger six cylinder petrol or diesel option on long wheel base versions. This era Land Rover also saw the introduction of the 12 seater station wagon. Distinguishing between the Series 2 and the Series 2a is best done by looking at the chassis number: Series 2 chassis numbers start with a #1 and comprise of 9 digits with the year of manufacture being the 4th digit. Series IIa chassis numbers start with a 2, consisting of 8 digits

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