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The Range Rover was launched in 1970, and this first generation in all its guises was later to be known as the Range Rover Classic. And it is just that, an automotive classic. Setting the Land Rover brand on its course into the luxury 4x4 market. By today’s standards the original may appear basic but it represented a revolution in off road vehicle styling and construction. The distinctive body shape remaining virtually unchanged for the next 25 years, the silhouette is echoed in Range Rover design today. The Range Rover Classic is where it all began.

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Still heavily biased towards practicality, with vinyl seats and easy to clean interior, these vehicles remain true to their utilitarian Land Rover heritage. In this case the aluminium bodywork is attached by ten bolts to a ladder frame chassis. But the Range Rover Classic is fitted with coil sprung suspension, unlike the leaf springs of the Land Rover Series 2a of the time. To control this extra weight disc brakes were fitted to all four wheels. Another difference was permanent four wheel drive, with high and low gear ratios depending upon whether driving on paved roads or off the beaten track. Originally produced with two doors, the four door version didn’t arrive until 1981. Built to acknowledge the birth of more up market and recreational off roading. The Range Rover Classic evolved throughout the 1980’s. Introducing leather trim and automatic transmission. Under the bonnet, Lucas fuel injectors replaced carburettors. Diesel powered engines became an option in 1986. The 1990’s saw this turbo charged versions of this engine and air ride suspensions gave LSE models a smooth ride.

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