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The release of the Freelander 2 in 2006 presented an incremental but positive move forward for the Land Rover Company.

For the first time, the Rover Company was able to compete in the small SUV market, becoming something of a spectacle at the time of its launch at the British International Motor show in 2006. The Land Rover Freelander 2 was the first Land Rover designed with front wheel drive. This new innovation improved fuel economy and lessened CO2 emissions. This second generation further built on the popularity of the Freelander 1 with several improvements to the Freelander 1’s interior and more standard safety features. Furthermore, a modified version of the Terrain Response off-road driving system was also fitted to the Discovery 3 and the Range Rover.

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The challenge for all sports utility vehicles is to balance on road comfort and handling with off road ability. The Freelander 2 is a very comfortable car capable of competing with the equivalent BMW and Audi models of the era. Built on a modified Ford EUCD platform (the company owners at the time) its independent coil sprung suspension, power steering, and automatic transmission delivered good on road driving. The transversely mounted engine afforded more interior space.

Capable of seating five, the Land Rover Freelander 2 featured a large 755 litre boot space. The styling had also evolved to make it better fit alongside the older Land Rover Discovery and Range Rover ranges, while its compact form makes it easier to manoeuvre.

As would be expected from Land Rover, the Land Rover Freelander 2 excels when venturing off road with the correct 4x4 tyres for the terrain. Furthermore, the newer version had better ground clearance than its immediate predecessor.The Freelander 2 remained in production until 2014 and has since been replaced by the Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque.

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