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Before the Range Rover was revealed in 1970, these first generation vehicles we now know as the Range Rover Classic, the first twenty five pre-production prototypes were called Velars. While this was done to disguise testing and initial development. The 2017 launch of the Range Rover Velar is a nod to the luxury off roaders more humble beginnings. Every historic generation of the Range Rover can be maintained and adapted thanks to over 12,000 Range Rover parts available to buy from John Craddock Ltd.

The history of the Range Rover starts with a distinctive but still very practical and utilitarian 4x4 vehicle in the spirit of its relation the Land Rover Series, but offering more refinement. Starting life as a three door, the five door version came into production in 1981. Evolving through many improvements and adaptations under the bodywork, inside the engine and the interior trim of the cabin. The Range Rover Classic became a symbol of both luxury and off road capability between 1970 and 1996.

The second generation Range Rover production ran between 1994 and 2002 and was the last to feature the Rover V8 engine as its powertrain. Despite changes in styling like the squared headlights, it still retained the familiar and instantly recognisable outline shape.

The Range Rover 2002-2009 is the third generation vehicle which saw technological and luxury advances under the guidance of owners BMW at the time.

The Range Rover Sport is a mid sized SUV combining luxury with off road capability and performance. Emerging in 2005, it features Land Rovers Terrain Response which had previously been utilised on the Freelander 2 and Discovery 3.

Whichever Range Rover you are an enthusiast of, John Craddock has all the Range Rover parts you could require to maintain your vehicle.

Range Rover Parts and Accessories from John Craddock Ltd

Like the Range Rover, John Craddock Ltd was founded in 1970. Being the leading supplier of Land Rover parts, it is no coincidence that the Range Rover is equally well catered for. Buy Range Rover parts online or contact us with any specific enquiries about which accessories and components are best for your 4x4.