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The Land Rover 101 Forward Control was produced between 1975 and 1978. Development of the vehicle took place from 1967 with the production model being revealed in 1972. Land Rover built 2669 examples of the 101 Forward Control truck for the British Ministry of Defence. Intended for air transportation; the engine is fitted beneath and to the rear of the cab removing the need for a bonnet at the front. Making the vehicle more space efficient when transported inside an aircraft. This specialist in the Land Rover family was designed to tow an artillery gun and stow a ton of ammunition and equipment in the original canvas soft top covered load space.

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Land Rover 101 Forward Control Parts

The Land Rover 101 Forward Control is a powerful off road vehicle utilising a 3.5 litre Rover V8 engine and an LT95 transmission from the Range Rover Classic. Hard top versions were made as ambulances and radio vehicles, the large rear compartment being ideal for conversion for civilian use. Fitted with leaf springs for its suspension, it is much bigger than other Land Rover models and the names relates to the larger 101 inch wheel base. With axles being longer than a Series 3 Land Rover of the same era, they were fitted with two Salisbury differentials, and welded, non-removable steering swivel housings. Unlike other Land Rovers the wheels to the 101 Forward Control have six wheel studs instead of five. Fitted with either 12 or 24 volt electric systems, not all models had a winch as standard, although this is reputed to be more common amongst ex RAF vehicles.

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