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Range Rover P38: The Next Generation

After a very successful production run, production gradually wound down on the first-generation Range Rover. A new iteration of the Range Rover was launched in 1995. This new Range Rover maintained the distinctive outline of the original marque and kept the trademark split tailgate. This ensured the continuation of the brand for both customers and the general public

At the same time, the new P38 Range Rover was also host to a number of innovations that became standard across the entire Range Rover and Land Rover range from thereon. Even today, the modern Range Rover features innovations and designs inherited from the Range Rover P38.

Because of these innovations and the Range Rover P38’s proud history, John Craddock is proud to stock a wide variety of Range Rover P38 parts. Whether you’re looking for a workshop manual for the Range Rover P38 or a set of air conditioner parts, you can find it at John Craddock.

So how does this classic Range Rover 1995-2002 shape up -- especially in comparison to the Range Rover 20213 onwards?

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Range Rover P38 (95-02) Parts

The changes in styling on the Range Rover P38 can be seen from the front with the rectangular headlights being the most obvious alteration from the previous model.

Under the bonnet, the Range Rover P38 was powered by 4.0L and 4.6L Rover V8 petrol engines with the BMW 2.5L six-cylinder turbo engine for diesel. Chassis strength was improved, and the manual gearbox was available for the last time in this version of the Range Rover.

This Range Rover is far superior at taking sharp corners than the Range Rover Classic on roads. This is thanks to the P38’s anti-roll bars, air springs, and strengthened chassis. The electronic air suspension adjusts height automatically depending upon speed or can be altered to accommodate different terrain settings.

By this time the Range Rover had firmly established itself in the luxury car market, providing a status symbol to match its elevated driving position and an unrivalled view of the road and surroundings.

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