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The Freelander 1 was Land Rover's first venture into the compact sports utility vehicle (SUV) market and was launched in October 1997. Over its production run, up to 2006, the original Land Rover Freelander had become the marque’s all-time best seller, with more than 200,000 vehicles sold. While not possessing the off road proficiency of its bigger relatives the Defender or the Discovery, it still beat all other competitors in its class. Keeping your vehicle in full working order is possible due to the wide range of Land Rover parts available at John Craddock Ltd.

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The Freelander 1 originally came with a choice of 1.8 petrol or 2-litre diesel engines. The compromise is that there is no locking diff, or low gear range selection unlike other Land Rovers. But the Freelander 1 was the first Land Rover to have Hill Descent Control, which was subsequently rolled out across the rest of the ranges, and it also included Intermediate Reduction Drive. This acted as a front differential and fixed ratio transfer. It also used VCU or viscous-coupling, which allows varying torque by reacting to the prop shafts differing rotational speeds when off road. To prove its off road credentials, the Land Rover Freelander 1 has seen action in the Camel Trophy and G4 Challenge. The perfect competitions to prove its traction control and ABS. Available in three and five door variants, the Freelander 1 could comfortably fit a family, making it a very popular choice for those wishing to combine the school run and commute with lighter off road driving or towing. This model underwent an extensive evolution from 2003 with updates to the exterior styling, a refreshed interior and improved levels of kit. The build quality also dramatically improved to compete with the Japanese and South Korean vehicles in its class. In 2006 the Freelander 1 was superseded by the Freelander 2.

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