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About Our 4x4 Tyres:

Looking for 4x4 tyres? We stock a wide range for Land Rovers which are suitable for all surfaces and purposes. Chunky treads always look great on your Landy, but correct tyre selection needs to be driven by how you actually use your vehicle. Do you use your Land Rover on tarmac and asphalt most of the time with occasional light off road driving? Would you say your driving is an even split between on road and off road? Perhaps you go trialling and spend all your time travelling through mud and challenging conditions?
We know each customer will have different preferences for the type of terrain they travel on. So, we offer a selection of tyre options including all terrain, road bias, mud terrain and extreme mud terrain tyres. This ensures that whether you're driving on the road or embarking on an off road adventure you have the perfect 4x4 tyres for your needs.
The quality of the tyre composition and structure is very important as it can affect the safety and performance of your vehicle, so we only stock the most trusted and reputable brands. These include, BF Goodrich, Cooper, Wildcat, Continental, Bridgestone and Michelin.

Choosing Your 4x4 Tyres:

Buying the right tyres is a big decision, they are essential Land Rover parts. Therefore, we have an expert team who can advise you on which set best suits for your kind of driving.

Road Tyres

On paved surfaces a road tyre excels by offering the quietest and most comfortable ride. They have a closer tread to deliver a better response to steering and breaking on tarmac. Designed to disperse surface water to prevent aquaplaning. They are very limited in off road situations as the voids dont expel mud easily leading to a lack of traction.

All Terrain Tyres

These are available in variants of on road and off road ratios. If you spend time driving to work, the shops and the school run during the week. Then take to unmade tracks, light to moderate off road conditions including grass, soft ground and snow. The All Terrain or A/T tyre allows you to travel easily between these two environments. Bigger treads and wider voids offer better grip off road, with reinforced sidewalls bringing more durability. The downside is a noisier and less comfortable ride on asphalt and lower fuel efficiency. They are a good choice for the all rounder with a bias to suit a range of uses.

Mud Tyres

The all out off roader! Like their chunkier cousin the Extreme Mud, these 4x4 tyres are bigger with deep grooves and voids. Able to bite into mud, sand and provide traction on rocky ground. Mud tyres are engineered to expel dirt and self clean to maintain grip. An M/T tyre wall is heavily reinforced to reduce the risk of being punctured by sharp rocks. Offering optimum performance in slippery conditions, the extended tread wraps over the sidewall lugs, for maximum purchase.

Expect a very noisy and uncomfortable ride on paving though, this is not their natural habitat! They will not handle well on roads and will wear quickly. Turning these beasts will use a lot more fuel both on and off road, so dont expect a good mpg. These are solely intended for off road use whether you are with your club at a weekend or on a remote expedition away from civilisation.

Snow Tyres

Performing best at temperatures below 7 degrees centigrade. The softer compound gives better traction in the cold. The tread pattern is often designed with a fine block, deep and wide grooves and is siped to deliver improved grip and braking on winter road surfaces. Intended for snow and ice, these tyres are less common in the UK because it isnt mandatory to fit vehicles with winter tyres during the coldest months. Unlike Scandinavian countries and other European nations such as Germany and Austria who experience a bigger drop in temperature making it a legal requirement to swap tyres.

4x4 Tyres from John Craddock Ltd

Buying the right tyres is an important decision. Combining quality with reasonable prices, John Craddock Ltd has a comprehensive range of 4x4 tyres for all driving conditions. We also stock a range of remould tyres, including the popular Insa Turbos brand. These are manufactured to the highest standards to give you refreshed tyres, for a much cheaper price than original 4x4 tyres.

From our shop and headquarters in Cannock, Staffordshire, we ship tyres across the UK, Europe and around the world. If you have any queries regarding your Land Rover we have the expertise in all aspects of 4x4 tyres, Land Rover parts and accessories. Contact us today for further information, were always happy to help you.