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The Land Rover Series 3 replaced the former Series 2 version in October 1971. Production of this model ran until 1985. The short wheel base remained at 88 inches while the long wheel base version stayed at 109 inches. John Craddock Ltd supplies and distributes Land Rover parts and accessories for all types of Series 3 Land Rovers.

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The one millionth Land Rover was a Series 3 which rolled off the production line in 1974. Having established itself as the world’s leading 4x4 it was acknowledged that changes were needed in this competitive market to retain premier status. While the main components like body style, chassis, wheel base, and suspension remained unchanged on the initial Series 3’s, the big improvements came hidden from sight. The gearbox now had complete synchromesh on all gears and lower ratios in 1st and reverse. The clutch had been redesigned to deliver a smoother and quieter gear change in comparison to older models. All of which aided towing and off road capability. The interior had been refreshed with the instrument panel being re-positioned in front of the driver, moved from its central location in the Series 1 and Series 2. Padding was incorporated in the newly moulded plastic dashboard and later “County” versions had the option of different trims and soundproofing to appeal to recreational users. It was during this era that the High Capacity Pick Up was introduced to give 25% more load space. Land Rover were staying true to their ethos of practicality and this was reflected in its popularity within the military and agricultural sectors. Many of the changes and characteristics introduced throughout the life span of the Series 3 paved the way for its successor the Land Rover 90 and 110.

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Everything you need to restore, repair or modify a Series 3 Land Rover can be found at John Craddock Ltd. Our team are also owners and enthusiasts, so we are perfectly placed to advise you on any of our parts should you require it. From essential parts relating to the engine, clutch, suspension and electrics to modifications to your interior, such as Exmoor Trim, it’s all here and available to buy online. For any enquiries, please contact us today!