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The History So Far

It all started in 1968 when John Craddock purchased a 1948 Series One Land Rover for £50.00 and like so many enthusiasts he was smitten by the charisma of the vehicle: its simplicity, reliability and ability to cover any terrain in four wheel drive. In the late 60’s and 70’s Land Rover rallying became a popular pastime for John, who spent many weekends away with the Land Rover clubs.

Like many successful businessmen he happened by chance on a niche market though his hobby and passion. Parts for the older Land Rovers were becoming scarce and the only way to get hold of them, dare I say it, was to dismantle the older ones for spares. Fellow enthusiasts were soon purchasing parts from John, until it became impossible for him to continue supplying Land Rover parts in his spare time.

John Craddock Limited became an entity in 1970. When your passion becomes your business you invariably make a resounding success of it and this was true for John Craddock Ltd who now supply Land Rover parts to virtually every country in the world.

Behind the company is a committed team of experts in Land Rover parts and 4 x 4 wheels and tyres, whose sole aim is to give you a first class service.

At the premises in Cannock we have an extensively stocked shop where many of the parts, wheels and tyres are on show. Behind the shop is a dedicated tyre bay, where we can supply and fit our vast selection of wheels and tyres for a wide range of off road vehicles.

All second hand vehicles and parts are sold through the workshop and vehicle sales section which surround the main building.

Our Service Centre can service and fit accessories for any marque of Land Rover. To aid diagnosis and provide power upgrades we use “Autologic for Land Rover” which enables us to give a comprehensive and efficient service all at reasonable rates.

We look forward to hearing from you.