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It is the restoration of a 1948 Land Rover Series 1 back in 1968 which inspired John Craddock himself to start his Land Rover parts and accessories business. The Land Rover Series 1 is where it all began. Designed in 1947 as an agricultural and light industrial vehicle it was launched in April 1948 at the Amsterdam Motor Show. Originally intended as a temporary project to meet the demands of a post war depressed car market. Designer Maurice Wilks could not have foreseen that just over seven decades later the Land Rover would have driven its way into motoring history and developed such a loyal following amongst its legions of fans around the world.

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The Land Rover Series 1 was produced between 1948 and 1958 and is rightfully considered a classic. This was originally a single model offering, which from 1948 until 1951 used an 80-inch (2.03 m) wheelbase and a 1.6-litre petrol engine producing around 50 bhp. The first Land Rover Station Wagon was launched in December 1948 being the first expansion of the Land Rover range. Later adaptations included the famous double skin "Safari Roof". Through the 1950’s the Land Rover Series 1 became established by its no frills practicality and association with the armed forces and Royalty. This is a vehicle which cuts across all sections of society.

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Nothing inspires nostalgia and passion in Land Rover enthusiasts like an original Series 1. It is the vehicles adaptability that has turned it into a motoring icon. Here at John Craddock Ltd we have an unrivalled knowledge and experience of Land Rovers supplying Land Rover parts and accessories to owners all around the world. From fuel system parts, hardware components and engine controls, to exhausts, gear boxes, brakes and suspension kits, we guarantee to have something for every requirement. Whether you are taking on a restoration project or keeping your trusty Series 1 in top condition, we are here to support you. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please contact us and we’ll use our extensive network to track parts down.