Use 242863G Temp Out Of Stock Use 242863G Part No. 242863

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Shipping Dimensions:
  • Length: 90cm / 900mm
  • Width: 25cm / 250mm
  • Height: 10cm / 100mm
  • Courier Packing Size: 160 box3
  • Weight: 15.6kg
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Use 242863G Temp Out Of Stock Use 242863G 242863

Set as Land Rover engineers specified...

For many years Land Rover road springs have been difficult to obtain to the correct OE specification. To remedy this, Britpart commissioned the same Spanish factory that produces our Santana parabolic springs to reproduce a comprehensive range of springs for Land Rover Series vehicles. The springs are constructed from the correct grade alloy steel 60SiCr8, heat treated consisting of hardening & tempering and set as Land Rover engineers specified and therefore will give years of service with the correct ride comfort.


9 Leaf


  • Series - SWB - Petrol