Freelander 1 Window Guards

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Terrafirma Window Guards for Freelander 1 (Set Of 4) TF669

TF669 - Terrafirma Window Guards for Freelander 1 (Set Of 4)
Now £40.41 exc. VAT
£48.49 inc. VAT

Freelander 1 Window Guards

Freelander Accessories: Window Guards

At John Craddock, we have over 100,000 Land Rover parts currently in stock with thousands of Freelander accessories available. With our window guards you can keep your car windows open at high speeds without causing discomfort to the passengers or driver. You can even have the window open in the rain and they also provide ventilation and help to draw out smells from food, smoke or dogs when travelling. They also reduce noise and glare while being one of the easiest Freelander accessories to fit yourself with self-adhesive strips. And, you can get free UK delivery across our entire range of Freelander accessories.