Freelander 1 Mud Flaps

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Front Mudflap Kit Freelander STC7978AB

STC7978AB - Front Mudflap Kit Freelander
Now £43.99 exc. VAT
£52.79 inc. VAT

Rear Mudflap Kit Freelander STC7979AB

STC7979AB - Rear Mudflap Kit Freelander
Now £67.50 exc. VAT
£81.00 inc. VAT

Freelander 1 Mud Flaps

Freelander Accessories: Mud Flaps

Perhaps one of the most overlooked Freelander accessories is the humble mud flap. Many see these as unnecessary but they can add an incredible amount of protection to your vehicle. The treads in your tyres will pick up gravel and other debris every time you use it and even more so if you regularly go off-road. Mud flaps stop the debris flying up and destroying your paintwork as well as protecting other vehicles on the road. This makes them a great value purchase and something every Freelander owner should have. We have mud flaps for both the front and rear tyres of your vehicle and both are extremely easy to fit.