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Makes switching to coil springs seamless and error-free

The EAS (Electronic Air Suspension) system found on Range Rovers can present expensive, recurring maintenance problems. If you've had an air spring failure before, you know this first hand. Britpart now has a coil spring conversion kit for the Range Rover Classic that makes switching to coil springs seamless and error-free. Conversion to coil springs provides a better, maintenance-free ride that will save you significant money over time.

The kit features -
> Detailed step-by-step instructions.
> Eliminates the need for a costly shop visit.
> Spring perch adapters.
> Britpart custom made coil springs provide standard ride height and maximum articulation.
> Affordable alternative to expensive, recurring air suspension failures.
> Trip computer compatibility - maintains operation of your vehicle's trip computer.
> Kit provides everything needed to complete a professional installation.

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  • Range Rover Classic
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