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Released in 1970, the Range Rover was designed as the larger cousin to the older Series models and immediately considered to be a worthy addition to the wider Land Rover range -- even being exhibited in Paris as an exemplary work of industrial design.

Since those early days, the Range Rover has become an icon and the ideal vehicle for those who want a car that's just as home in the wilderness as it is the city. The Range Rover light bar improves visibility, making night driving all the safe, whether you're off-roading in the middle of the thick forest or driving home after a long day at work.

Discovery 1 & 2 Light Bar JC2081

JC2081 - Discovery 1 & 2 Light Bar
Now £59.50 exc. VAT
£71.40 inc. VAT

No Longer Available JC1020

JC1020 - No Longer Available

Accessories Light Bars

Light bars allow you to upgrade your current Range Rover lighting systems and increase visibility -- something very useful when you're off roading in the wilderness Our Range Rover light bars are suitable for the Range Rover 1 & 2 while our spotlight bracket is suitable for a wide variety of models

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