Power Steering Box 4 Pin Recon Exchange RHD Exchange Unit Add £150 Refundable on Return Of Old Unit Part No. QAF500030E

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Shipping Dimensions:
  • Length: 38cm / 380mm
  • Width: 28cm / 280mm
  • Height: 16cm / 160mm
  • Courier Packing Size: 126 box3
  • Weight: 17kg
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Power Steering Box 4 Pin Recon Exchange RHD Exchange Unit Add £150 Refundable on Return Of Old Unit QAF500030E

The difference between our rebuilt units and cheaper reconditioned units is just that, we dont recondition them we rebuild them. We are not just seal changers all our units are vapor degreased shot blasted stripped and degreased again.

We go to great lengths to check and readjust all the settings - like the link pin supporting the sector shaft to minimize rise and fall, stopping the vehicle from wandering while being driven.

Adjusting the slipper making sure the piston and sector shaft teeth are aligned correctly so the piston runs true. We regrind the bearing tracks on the input shaft when pitted or replaced with new bearing tracks we have made especially for us (technical info: the metal bearing rings are made from D2 and are hardened to Rockwell 60)

The input and sector shafts are polished or hard industrial chromed when necessary and sector shaft bearings replaced. Additionally, the sector shaft seal housing is recut to remove any pitting.

The seal kits we use are made specially for us to our own exacting specifications. Our input shaft seals are oversized and double lipped and sector shaft seals are also oversized and made with a different type of rubber designed to withstand colder temperatures.

To help eliminate slack pressure leakage the O rings are round on the outside and square section on the inside as well as slightly thicker.

The PTFE piston and valve seals incorporate ground glass in there manufacture for longer life.

Every box is tested on our German Charlone test rig which is set up to mimic road conditions and also tells us if any seals internal and external are leaking.