Warn Zeon Land Rover Winches & Accessories

If you are going off road, winches are one of the most important essentials you can’t afford to be without. They can get you through the toughest of situations meaning they need to be strong, endurable and most importantly of all, reliable. And, one of the world’s leading brands for Land Rover winches is Warn Industries with their Zeon range. These winches are a design masterpiece that is a tough as it comes allowing you to tackle anything.

Why Choose Warn Zeon Land Rover Winches?

The Warn Zeon winches feature a satin-black, cast-aluminium housing, muck busting sealing and a convertible control pack allowing you to mount the winch however you want. The design is completely new and was reengineered from the ground up. The pulling capacity ranges from 8000 to a mammoth 12,000 lbs and are available with steel or WARN Spydura synthetic rope. And, despite the power of the winches, they actually add to the look of your vehicle. These Land Rover winches have been created to look as good as they operate and the smart, symmetrical design enhances any vehicle.

A Lifetime Warranty

Warn Industries are so confident in the power of their winches that they offer a real, lifetime warranty as well as a one year warranty on their electrical components. You can purchase the full winch package from us, or just the ropes, parts and accessories you require. We also offer free UK delivery and ship orders worldwide.