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The new Land Rover Defender has been named the 2021 World Car Design of the Year at the annual World Car Awards. It’s not the first time that Land Rover has picked up the prestigious award, claiming it for the Velar in 2018 and also the Evoque back in 2012. This award is a testament to the effort and design that has gone into recreating and reimagining one of the greatest icons on the roads, into a modern masterpiece.

The award is designed to recognise the most outstanding car of the last 12 months, with points being awarded for tech, innovation, and design to name a few. While judges debated the new arrivals to come to a decision on the vehicle that reigns above the rest, the public has gone wild for the new design too.

Based on the original design, the shape and the silhouette of the new Defenders are similar to that of the older versions, with enough similarities and parallels drawn to make it unmistakably a Defender. With smoother edges and more curves added to the body, there are still the features we know and love, making for a head-turning vehicle, despite the three-year wait to see them return to the roads.

What Makes the New Defender Different?

There have been some major changes to the car and the interior, swapping out the older and more rugged look for a fresher, newer finish. A ten-inch touchscreen takes centre stage in the cabin, home of an infotainment system set to rival any car that could be considered competition, and a range of accessory packs can be added on to make the car sing.

New Defender Interior Defender Interior

The Defender is available in a range of transmissions, fuel types and finishes, from the hardtop to the SE trim and everything in between, Land Rover has thought about every customer from every walk of life, to create a line-up that will best suit each person and persona.

With these kinds of upgrades, a facelift and plenty of options to choose from, there is no wonder that this car was crowned the king of them all for design.

The judging panel was made up of seven automotive design experts, who together made a shortlist which went out to vote, to a team of 93 journalists.

When commenting on the award, Prof. Gerry McGovern OBE, Chief Creative Officer at Jaguar Land Rover said,

“New Defender is influenced by its past but is not constrained by it and we are delighted it has been honoured with this award. Our vision was to create a 21st century Defender by pushing the boundaries of engineering, technology and design while retaining its renowned DNA and off-road capability. The result is a compelling 4×4 that resonates with customers on an emotional level.”

And we have to say, the Defender does just that. While there will always be the die-hard fans of the older model, some of us included, the new Defender has paved the way for the future, with more sustainable options to power it, more tech to future proof the lifespan of the car, and enough details taken from the original, that we do still feel connected to the car.

The breadth that is covered for customers is enormous, from the eco-conscious with the hybrid to those who have a need for speed in the V8, with a plethora of options, sizes and add-ons to choose from, it is a worthy win, however biased we may be.

Design innovation to say the least, at John Craddock, we are proud to supply accessories for this award-winning car and brand, to help our customers stay on the roads for longer, and to enjoy every second of it as well.

With a car that is built for adventure, should come a range of options to make it work harder and smarter for the driver. That is exactly what we do. Through a range of accessories, including roof racks, floor mats and mud flaps, our aim is to preserve the car, while you get the most out of it, whatever that looks like. From daily use to weekends away, coastal drives to scenic routes, a Defender can handle it all, and we will give you the extra tools you need to make that a reality. If you cannot see it online, let us know and we will do our best to source it, so you have minimal stress and hassle, with no need to shop around. Sounds good, right?

You can shop our Defender parts and accessories here, and view the range of practical and quirky things we have in stock to make the Defender truly yours. Here’s to the next round of awards, we can’t wait to see who takes the crown.

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