Discovery Sport Wheels & Tyres

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ARB E-z Deflator Digital Gauge - ARB ARB510

ARB510 - ARB E-z Deflator Digital Gauge - ARB
Now £59.70 exc. VAT
£71.64 inc. VAT

Replacement Tyre Sealant & Hose Kit DA1890

DA1890 - Replacement Tyre Sealant & Hose Kit
Now £39.27 exc. VAT
£47.12 inc. VAT

ARB E-z Deflator Psi/Bar Gauge DA8931

DA8931 - ARB E-z Deflator Psi/Bar Gauge
Now £47.29 exc. VAT
£56.75 inc. VAT

Tyre Valve LR031766

LR031766 - Tyre Valve
Now £8.09 exc. VAT
£9.71 inc. VAT

Landrover Centre Cap LR069900

LR069900 - Landrover Centre Cap
Now £8.64 exc. VAT
£10.37 inc. VAT

Genuine Centre Cap Silver/Silver - Set Of 4 LR094546

LR094546 - Genuine Centre Cap Silver/Silver - Set Of 4
Now £34.53 exc. VAT
£41.44 inc. VAT

Alloy Wheel Nut LR173842

LR173842 - Alloy Wheel Nut
Now £1.77 exc. VAT
£2.12 inc. VAT

Tube Collet TUBECOL

TUBECOL - Tube Collet

Set Of 4 Tyre Valve Caps Landrover Logo VPLRW0148

VPLRW0148 - Set Of 4 Tyre Valve Caps Landrover Logo
Now £21.43 exc. VAT
£25.72 inc. VAT

Use VPLRW0148 LR027560

LR027560 - Use VPLRW0148

Use LR069900 LR051541

LR051541 - Use LR069900

Discovery Sport Wheels & Tyres

Land Rover Discovery 4x4 Tyres

With the largest selection of 4x4 tyres for Land Rovers in the world, John Craddock is the number one place to get yours. We have 4x4 tyres from the likes of BF Goodrich and Insa Turbo to name just a few of the brands we have in stock. And, with our handy tyre tool you can put in the exact specifications you need for your vehicle to get the perfect 4x4 tyres. We stock tyres for all makes and models of Land Rover from classic Defenders and Discoverys to brand new Freelanders and Range Rover Sports regardless of age or obscurity of model.

Types of 4x4 Tyres Available

Picking the right set of 4x4 tyres all depends on what you use your Land Rover for. For those of you who enjoy a bit of off-road action, then mud terrain tyres help you to power through even the toughest of terrain thanks to the deep treads which self clean as they turn and offer excellent grip. However, these tyres don't perform as well on regular road surfaces but there's a wide range of 4x4 tyres available that give you maximum surface grip. And, for the best of both worlds we have all terrain tyres available that give reliable performance both on and off the road.

Ordering Your 4x4 Tyres From John Craddock

To order your tyres simply input your measurements into our online tyre tool before browsing our full range. Then, simply make your selection and we will get your tyres to you right away. We can even ship orders worldwide and if we don't have what you are looking for we will do our utmost to source it from our worldwide suppliers. We also have all the Land Rover parts you need to fit the 4x4 tyres yourself or alternatively, we can fit them for you at our Staffordshire garage.