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Land Rover Discovery Suspension

John Craddock have everything you need to ensure your Discovery suspension is the best if can possibly be whether you are cruising on the roads or adventuring off-road. Your suspension system is crucial to the longevity and overall condition of virtually every part of your Land Rover. Even if you aren't going off-road, the general stress your vehicle is put under on regular roads is huge. And, your Land Rover's suspension also contributes massively to the quality of the driving experience for both you and your passenger.

How Land Rover Discovery Suspension Works

Your suspension system maximises the friction between the road surface and your tyres. A bad system can greatly affect your ability to control the vehicle and make driving in anything other than perfect conditions extremely dangerous. If your car rides roughly, drifts or pulls when turning, dips when stopping, has uneven tire treads or if your shock absorber are particularly greasy and oily it may be a sign you need to repair your system. At John Craddock, we have everything from Old Man Emu rear coil springs to shock absorbers and full kits to ensure you Land Rover Discovery suspension system is functioning at its very best.

Choose John Craddock for Land Rover Discovery Suspension

In addition to being the largest stockist of Land Rover parts in the world, we can also fit any parts for you at our Staffordshire workshop. We are a hugely experienced company with a huge passion for all things Land Rover. All of our products are fully guaranteed and we ship worldwide. For more information on any of our products or services, feel free to get in touch with us today for more information.