ARB Defender Base Rack 1835 x 1285 mm 7 Beam Requires 17900010 Or 17900050 Base Rack 6 Leg Fitting Kit Part No. 1770030

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ARB Defender Base Rack 1835 x 1285 mm 7 Beam Requires 17900010 Or 17900050 Base Rack 6 Leg Fitting Kit 1770030

8 Beams

Dimensions - 2,125 x 1,285mm

Weight - 22.8kg

Carrying Capacity (approx) - 200kg

Introducing the next phase in roof rack evolution, the ARB BASE Rack. Ultra-sleek, boasting a low mounting profile and lightweight design, the ARB BASE Rack incorporates a unique dovetail accessory mounting system that makes attaching and removing accessories easier, faster and more secure. When developing ARBs BASE Rack one of the requirements of our engineering team was to have a complete roof rack system racks, mounts, guard rails and equally important, a wide range of BASE Rack accessories. The dovetail attachment point of the BASE Rack provides a number of advantages to traditional accessory fitment on racks including:

> Accessories can be fitted anywhere on the dovetail feature either on the perimeter of the rack or on the front or rear of each cross beam. No need to slide along a t-slot with defined entry and exit points.
> Easy clean dovetail surface does not accumulate dirt and debris.
> Minimal tools required for fitment of BASE Rack accessories which greatly adds to the modular nature of the rack. Accessories can be quickly and easily removed when not required if there are height restrictions. For example, for low garage entry or an underground car park, and then refitted on the weekend for camping trips.
> Integrated channel within the BASE Rack structure for wiring of auxiliary lighting, solar panels or antennas.

Key Features
> Constructed from extruded aluminium beams featuring rigid internal bracing
> Fully welded construction (excluding corner caps)
> BASE Rack comes fully assembled ready to fit to mount brackets (sold separately)
> Integrit textured black powder-coat finish
> Strength through design requires no additional cross bars
> Dovetail accessory attachment design allows easy to install one handed attachment for various accessories
> Provision for easy running of wiring within the BASE Rack assembly

Rack Assembly
> Fully welded construction (excluding corner caps)
> Comes fully assembled no additional assembly required to fit the rack to mounting system
> Controlled welds to ensure that the height of the weld doesnt impede on loading and unloading of the rack

Rack Beams
> Common extruded aluminium cross beams
> Box piece beam with internal bracing for added strength and rigidity
> Dovetail on both front and rear of each cross beam allowing for greater flexibility for the location of accessory fitment
> Beams run perpendicular to the vehicle to greatly assist in strength of the rack and ease of loading and unloading of longer items

Rack Longitudinal Side Beams
> Specific extruded longitudinal side beams features provision for running wiring within the beam through provided blanking plugs
> Internal bracing greatly adds to strength without added external dimensions
> Dovetail on exterior edge only

Rack Corner Caps
> Die-cast, UV resistant aluminium corner caps
> Bottom section is plastic to enable easy drilling for running of wiring

Fitment of the BASE Rack system to the vehicles using a traditional gutter mount is done in a series of simple steps.
1. Measurements taken of vehicle roof to determine leg spacing. The length of rack and number of legs will determine leg position no more than 1 beam overhang at each end and no more than 2 beams between supports

2. M8 stud plates inserted into BASE Rack beam extrusion and attached to leg kit

3. BASE Rack blade brackets are attached to underside of BASE Rack assembly with BASE Rack stud plates, M8 studs, washers and nyloc nuts. Optional deflector fitted at this stage.

4. BASE Rack with gutter mount brackets and runners fitted to vehicle roof and fastened with M8 bolts and washers.

> Various vehicle applications. Refer Product Information Bulletin No.1299 ARB BASE Rack Fitment Matrix for full vehicle listings
> It is recommended that either the optional wind deflector manufactured from powder-coated press formed 1.6mm aluminium or ARB Roof Rack LED light bar is fitted below the front beam to reduce wind noise
> ARB Roof Rack LED light bar PN 1780500 either in conjunction with the deflector or light bar can be mounted in place of the deflector below the front beam
> Maximum load per BASE Rack beam is 25kg. Net Payload of the rack is dependent on vehicle specifications. Loads must be evenly distributed and adequately secured
> Required tools for fitment: 10mm spanner x 1, 13mm spanner x 1, hex key (supplied in kit), tape measure

Net Payload

The net payload for your BASE RACK is calculated by subtracting the weight of the BASE RACK and the vehicle mounting kit from the vehicles roof capacity. The table below gives the BASE RACK net payload for the various fitting kits subject to the maximum vehicle roof capacity. The vehicles roof load capacity may vary between models and driving conditions. Refer to vehicle owners manual for model and condition specific roof load capacities.

6-leg kit - Vehiclemaxor 150kg (whichever is less) - 10kg (kit weigh) - rack weight (refer to box) = Net payload.
Maximum carrying capacity of the 6 leg kits is 150kg

4-leg kit - Vehiclemaxor 100kg (whichever is less) - 6.5kg (kit weigh) - rack weight (refer to box) = Net payload.
Maximum carrying capacity of the 4 leg kits is 100kg

Note - Please be aware that with speeds over 50mph you may hear air noise, which will come from rack area. Due to this we strongly recommend to use ARB LED bar, which is designed to decrease noise.