ARB Horizon Worklight Part No. 10500080

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Compatibile with all Land Rover and Range Rover models

With a solid aluminium body construction and a 2 - 20 hour run time, the ARB Horizon Worklight is one of our favourite Land Rover spares and Land Rover accessories -- ideal for some situations, absolutely necessary for others. Order yours from John Craddock today!

ARB Horizon Worklight 10500080

Powered by a next-generation lithium ion battery, the ARB Horizon Worklight is a prime example of why ARB is one of our favourite suppliers.

The ARB Horizon Worklight features 2 standard bulbs. The top bulb is a 150 lumen lamp suitable for most jobs completed during overcast. The 500 lumen bulb, meanwhile, is perfectly suited for any and all jobs that have to be completed during the evening.

As well as being qi standard compatible (meaning that it can be charged on any standard wireless charging pad), the ARB Horizon Worklight can be charged via a USB type-C connector. This makes the ARB Horizon Worklight very environmentally friendly -- much more so than most other flashlights.