Celebrate Defender

2015 marks the end of an era, with the production of the much loved current Defender coming to a close in Solihull. But it also begins a year of celebrations, honouring the Defender's rich and illustrious past! To commemorate the Defender, Land Rover have reached back into its history and taken the Defender back to the beach where it all began. Earlier this month Land Rover etched a 1km Defender into the sands of Red Wharf Bay, where the initial design was drawn into the beach 68 years ago, providing an awe inspiring aerial view. And the celebrations are set to continue with the release of three limited edition Defenders – Autobiography, Adventure and Heritage.

2015 - The Year of Your Defender:

 If you would like to learn more about the year of the Defender, or how you can celebrate your own Defender, then take a look at our blog. The Defender will always represent the iconic image of Land Rover and so we know you’ll be as sad as we are here at John Craddock, that the English production of this magnificent vehicle is ending! 

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