Terrafirma Steering Rods

Ground clearance is an important factor for successful off road driving. The lowest points of the vehicle will inevitably make contact with the ground at some stage while driving in ruts or negotiating rocks and tree stumps. The steering rods on live axle Land Rovers are particularly vulnerable and can easily get bent seriously affecting front wheel alignment and steering ability. Even slightly bent steering rods can cause excessive tyre wear and poor handling. 

When Land Rovers are fitted with very large tyres the forces acting on the steering gear are far greater especially when attacking obstacles off road, hard impacts on the wheels can also bend or kink the steering rods causing serious steering problems. 

Terrafirma Steering Rods are made from solid 30mm diameter steel and are supplied with precisely machined left and right hand threads, locking nuts and quality greaseable track rod ends. For Discoverys a steering damper bracket is also included. 

The following part is in stock and available to buy:

TF250 - Discovery 90/110/130

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