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Terrafirma Braided Steel Brake Hoses

Terrafirma Braided Steel Brake Hoses

Braided Brake Hoses (lines) can be made from a variety of different materials, however one of the most popular aftermarket material is Stainless Steel. For off road and mixed terrain drivers, puncturing a brake line is always a concern.  Soft unprotected brake lines can easily be snapped or punctured by a rock, twig or debris, which can be catastrophic. Swelling, which happens over time can also occur which ends up weakening brakeing performance.

The benefits of Braided Steel Brake Hoses help to overcome both of the mentioned circumstances. Swelling is less likely to occur due to the stronger and more resiliant elements of the steel structure and for the same reason they are more protective in any on or off road situation. This helps keep optimum braking performance on your vehicle and protect punctures which can lead to brake failure.

Terrafirma's Braided Steel Brake Hoses come with everything you need to replace from the standard lines to the Steel lines and Terrafirma's manufacturing quality ensures you will be happy with the end product.   

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