6 Must Have Land Rover Accessories for Any Adventure

Summer has officially arrived and we couldn’t be happier. If you’re anything like us, you’re probably chomping at the bit to get out and about in your Land Rover. Come rain or shine, summer brings with it plenty of great opportunities for some Landy action, whether you're planning an off road adventure or a long drive for a getaway. Before you head off on your adventures, we want to share what we think are some of the best Land Rover accessories out there at the moment.

John Craddock’s Top 6 Land Rover Accessories

We’ve carefully curated our list to include an array of Land Rover accessories to suit any passionate owner. Whether you’re ready and raring to go off the beaten track or you’re planning a road trip, there’s something for everyone here to ensure your vehicle looks, feels and performs to the best of its ability. So, read on!

  • Step Up With A Folding Rear Step

A folding rear step is an often overlooked Land Rover accessory, but it’s so handy. Often spring loaded, this handy addition to your vehicle makes accessing the loadspace quicker, easier and more comfortable for users. It’s perfect if you are heading out on a trip and need to get in and out with ease. We would definitely recommend this if you’re a hobbyist that needs lots of equipment as it saves time and prevents trips and falls.

  • On Your Bike!

How can we talk about Land Rover accessories without mentioning bike racks? Car-mounted cycle carriers are a fantastic way to save space inside your vehicle without leaving your beloved bike at home. There are three popular bike racks available for you car. These are rear mounted, roof mounted, and tow point mounted models. Each method of transporting your bike comes with different benefits, but ultimately a bike rack that meets your needs makes it easy, safe and simple to carry one or more as you head off into the great outdoors. 

  • As Clear As Mud!

Mud flaps are essential Land Rover accessories for the off road enthusiast. While you may love the cut and thrust of a dirt track, it can leave your car looking a bit worse for wear. Mud guards work to counteract the effects of this. In installing mud flaps on your vehicle you are creating an extra barrier against gravel, dirt, and (of course!) mud. They also work to minimise the effects of other debris you might encounter out on the open road such as oil and rocks. Essentially, these handy accessories protect the exterior of your car from damage both on the road and off it. They also keep it looking clean by protecting the body of your vehicle from the worst the ground can throw at it.

  • Overcome any obstacle!

During your travels you may find yourself facing a tricky obstacle or terrain. With this in mind, carrying a reliable winching kit is an asbolute must! When it comes to winching power and capabilities, we offer a range of heavy duty options from leading brands including Superwinch, Warn and Mantec to name but a few. Dependable and built for the task, you can ensure that your Land Rover just keeps going and going!

  • Storage Hacks

When we talk about Land Rover accessories, it’s easy to get caught up in the exterior and forget about the interior. But clever storage solutions for your vehicle can be really handy for keeping your stuff safe. Cubby boxes and cup holders make storing hot and cold drinks on your journey easy and safe. Not to mention you can benefit from some extra storage space in your Land Rover. They also double up as a comfy arm rest as they are situated between seats!

  • Make A Splash!

Safari snorkels are a necessary accessory for your Land Rover, especially if you plan to take it off road. Even the most thorough planning can’t account for road conditions all of the time, and a snorkel can protect your engine from infiltration from both dust and water. Made to be durable and efficient, Safari snorkels ensure fresh air can circulate to your engine for peak performance and drastically reduce dust intake into the engine on dry roads.

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When it comes to the crunch, the Land Rover accessories you choose for your vehicle should work to enhance your experience. It doesn’t matter whether you are an ardent off-roader embarking on your next adventure or just have a passion for travel and vehicles - there are lots of ways you can customise your Land Rover with the right accessories for you. Here at John Craddock, we are proud to be the world’s leading supplier of Land Rover accessories and parts. You can browse everything we have to offer both on our website and at our premises in Cannock. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can also contact us directly and we'll do our best to source it for you.

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