Land Rover Parts for Summer Adventures

Land Rovers and adventure have gone together since the original Series 1 rolled off the production lines in 1948. Land Rover wheels belonging to each generation of the vehicle have driven on every continent of the planet and enabled the intrepid to explore “above and beyond” in the true spirit of their slogan. Famed for robustness and adaptability, preparing your Land Rover for overlanding and the challenges of an expedition can be completed with Land Rover parts and accessories from John Craddock Ltd.

Land Rover Parts to Travel the Globe

Land Rover has always looked to push the boundaries of where a vehicle could go. Exploring for adventures sake or as part of important scientific studies the Land Rover Defender is the perfect vehicle to drive to the remotest corners of the world. Carrying personnel, food and equipment, a convoy of these vehicles assisted by winches and spares will get a crew far from civilisation and through all manner of terrain long after the road has run out. Whether you are in the scorching desert, crossing the African plains, deep within the Amazon rainforest, scaling the highest peaks of the Andes, or braving the frozen Arctic. There are Land Rover parts to adapt your 4x4 to suit any conditions. Protection guards will reinforce diffs, steering and fuel tanks. While roof racks allow additional storage space, or roof top tents provide off the ground shelter. In searing hot climates plug in cool boxes can keep food, water and medicines chilled. Not forgetting other mechanical essentials like spare lighting, batteries, 4x4 tyres and components for suspensions, engines and more should you need to make repairs when out in the field. 
Land Rover parts for expeditions and safari

Shipping Land Rover Parts to the World

With nearly five decades of experience in sourcing and supplying Land Rover parts, John Craddock Ltd has become a global name in shipping Land Rover parts to the world. Whether you are renovating a Defender in the USA or require spares for a Range Rover Classic in Australia. We have the online catalogue with everything you need to keep your Land Rovers in full working order and ready to tackle any summer adventures. For specific information about any Land Rover parts you require, please contact us
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