Parts & Accessories for Summer Off Roading

The look and feel of Land Rovers may have evolved over the course of their 70-year history but one thing remains the same and that’s their unrivalled off roading capabilities! Since the release of the mighty Series 1 in 1948, Land Rover has continued to release robust vehicles which make easy work of even the most challenging terrains. With summer finally in full swing, now is the perfect time to take your Land Rover off road to see what it can do! Come mud, rain, sand, or steep rocky hills, Land Rovers were built for the challenge!

The Essentials

As the world's leading provider of Land Rover parts and accessories, we offer a huge range of add-ons to enhance your off roading experience. Whether it's a Defender, Discovery or a Series vehicle, we can supply you with parts and accessories to prevent dents, scratches and breaks to your Land Rover’s bodywork and underside.

Here’s some of the key essentials to take with you on your summer travels:

Winching Kits

At some point you may need extra help to get out of, over, or around an obstacle – this is all part of the fun after all! When it comes to winching power and capabilities, we offer a range of heavy duty options from leading brands including Superwinch, Warn and Mantec to name but a few. 

Lifting Jacks

Whilst obstacles can extend your journey time as you navigate your way over and around whatever lies ahead, challenging terrains can literally stop you in your tracks through tyre damage. Luckily, we have a wide range of Hi-Lift Jacks and accompanying accessories to get your faithful Landy off the ground to change a tyre. We also stock a wide range of 4x4 tyres which you can browse through using our handy online 4x4 tyre finder. No two journeys are the same which is why we offer a variety of options including all terrain, road bias, mud terrain and extreme mud terrain tyres. If you're unsure about which would best suit your requirement, give us a call and we'll do our best to advise you!

Off Road Protection

Off road protection covers a range of areas and we have a variety of products to choose from. From Mammoth chequered plates for wing tops, bonnets, sills, and rear corners, to steering guards, diff guards, fuel tank guards and off road sills, you’ll find everything you need to protect the vulnerable parts of your Land Rover. You can browse through our current range online here.

Know your vehicle inside-out 

Wherever your adventures take you, it’s important to be familiar with the underside of your vehicle so that if anything does go wrong, you know what to do!

Our main tip is to take time to understand which parts of your vehicle are fragile and could be prone to damage. This generally includes the fuel tank, engine sump. By being aware of these parts, you should in theory be less likely to catch them on rocks and other obstacles. It’s not just about the underside of the car either, if you’re travelling with a roof rack be wary of any obstacles such as low hanging trees.

In short, make sure that you know your vehicle like the back of your hand! Once you’re familiar with your vehicle you can enjoy hours of fun and exciting without having to over think every turn and climb!

Prepare for Your Off Road Adventure with John Craddocks Ltd

John Craddock Ltd is the proud online home of Land Rover parts and accessories. With over 100,000 items to choose from, we can help you to get your Land Rover ready for any adventure this summer. Whether you have a Defender, Discovery or Series vehicle, we guarantee to have everything you need to tackle any terrain!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for online, contact us today and we’ll do our very best to source the item for you through our trusted Land Rover part contacts. We also offer worldwide shipping with tracking for your convenience.

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