Duckhams Engine Oil Available to Buy at John Craddock Ltd

Classic car enthusiasts around the world know that the Duckhams name has been synonymous with British motoring history since the start of the 20th Century. Founded by Alexander Duckham, an expert in machine lubricant in 1899, the company developed the multigrade oil in 1951. The Duckhams Q20-50, famous for its distinctive green colour, became renowned in the automotive world because it could be used universally in all forms of transport and motorsport.

Duckhams Classic Engine Oil Combines Heritage and Innovation

In 2017, the classic Duckhams Q20-50 was relaunched at the Classic Motor Show at Birmingham NEC. The product remains true to using mineral oil base, having sourced the very best raw materials for a perfect combination of heritage and innovation. Creating motor oils that bring unrivalled protection and superb performance, while delivering the additional advantages of oxidation and temperature stability that hydro-finished oils give classic and vintage engines. This product is also easily recognisable as it retains the iconic green colour of the original lubricant. The perfect combination for classic Land Rovers and Range Rovers, in stock and available to buy from John Craddock Ltd today. 

Buy and Collect Duckhams Motor Oil at the John Craddock Ltd Shop

Keep your favourite Series Land Rover, Defenders and Range Rover Classic engines in optimum condition with Duckham’s Classic motor oils:
  • Duckhams Classic Engine Oil Q20W - 50 One Gallon Can JC3230 - Now £22.46 exc.VAT
  • Duckhams Classic Engine Oil Q20W - 50 1 Litre Can JC3231 - Now £6.25 exc.VAT
  • Duckhams Hypoid 80W - 90 Gl - 4 1 Litre Aka EP90 JC3232 - Now £6.25 exc.VAT
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