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Insa Turbos are at the forefront of remould tyre technology. The Spanish manufacturer has built a strong reputation as the alternative 4x4 tyre provider to some of the other big manufacturing brands. There is a tyre to match any type of terrain and driving conditions. Whether your Land Rover is only driven on asphalt, there are road going tyres to suit this surface. Maybe you’re an occasional off roader, in which case there’s the Ranger model, giving a 50-50 off road to road bias. For regular off road driving in more extreme conditions there’s the Sahara and the Dakar. Each with an 80% off road bias they will give you the traction you need for fields, green lanes. and the challenges of fording. Maybe you’re an out and out off roader, a weekend warrior who loves to go trialling and challenging your Land Rover and driving skills in tough conditions. In which case, you require the Special Track Extreme which at 95% off road bias is the perfect tyre for pushing the limits of the terrain and vehicle.

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Buying Insa Turbos remoulds is proposed to be a more environmentally friendly option. Sourcing, sorting and retreading tyres which are still in good condition reduces the use of oil and CO2 emissions. If you’re an advocate of Insa Turbos or you want to try them. There is a big choice to suit all driving requirements in the Remoulds category of our online Tyre Finder.

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Being enthusiasts of Land Rovers, we stock a huge choice of tyre brands including Insa Turbos. If you would like any advice on the right type of tyre for your driving requirements, then we are here to help you. Please contact us or call into our shop in Cannock, Staffordshire, to speak to a member of the team in person.  
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