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If you are looking for a Land Rover, we feature the models we have currently for sale. We have a great range of Defender 90s and 110s. If ex-military is more your thing then have two Defenders for sale too. There’s also a really nice Discovery in excellent condition waiting to be driven away. Head to our Facebook page and Twitter to see more!

We feature regular blogs about Land Rover parts and accessories with useful tips to help you make the right purchase of anything from tyres, to lights, to engine parts and much more.

You would be amazed at what turns up at our shop in Cannock! Head to our Instagram account to see anything from classic series, Land Rover Fire Engines, a Tomcat, conversions and numerous finds we’ve seen while we’re out and about.

We love to see your photos too, so wherever you are in the world, share your Land Rover adventures with us on Twitter and Facebook.

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