Winter 4x4 Tyres

Autumn is well upon us and it won’t belong before we get deep into the winter months. To get yourself ready, we have an excellent range of winter 4x4 tyres from the world’s leading manufacturers such as BF Goodrich and Pirelli. We cater for all Land Rovers, whether you own a classic Defender or brand new Range Rover sport and you can put your exact specifications into our handy tyre finder tool here. We also offer free UK delivery on all orders of £50 or more along with very competitive worldwide shipping rates.

The Benefits of Winter 4x4 Tyres

Although most models of Land Rovers are already equipped with decent tyres, it doesn’t hurt to be extra prepared for the winter months, particularly if you live in isolated areas. Winter tyres offer far greater traction in icy or snowy conditions as they are manufactured using a higher percentage of natural rubber and a softer compound. This allows them to function in freezing temperatures and also increases the surface grip. The winter is becoming more unpredictable each year which seen the popularity of these 4x4 tyres soar in recent years.

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