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Pennsylvanian off-road

Pennsylvania is slightly warmer than New England, but it also features a larger variety of terrain types than most states in the interior of the country. Because of that warmth and variety of terrain types, Pennsylvania is one of the hotbeds of offroading in the United States and one best states overall to go off-roading.

In this article from John Craddock, we’ll be going over some of the best off-roading sites in the states. We’re sure that you’ll discover at least one gorgeous trail that you’d like to take your Land Rover through. 

Reading Anthracite OHV Trail

A great, moderately challenging route. Reading Anthracite is ideal for Land Rover drivers looking for a slightly more difficult run than usual. 

At 33.3km long, it normally takes drivers about nine and a half hours to complete this run. However, with its stunning views and a wide variety of terrain types, we would recommend that you go at your own pace – so that you can really take in some of the stunning vistas. 

Reading Anthracite is something of a hidden gem at the moment. So it’s likely that you’ll be able to complete the run without seeing anyone. 

Don’t delay. Visit this fantastic off-roading trail before it gets too busy! 

Deaf Run Trail

Only 3.1 km long, the Deaf Run Trail is one of the shortest trails on our list. But don’t let that put you off. It’s not about the length of the trail. It’s about the fun you have going through it. And you will have a helluva lot of fun on the Deaf Run Trail. 

An easy route for even newbie off-roaders, the Deaf Run Trail should take you only about an hour to complete. In that hour, though, you’ll be travelling through some gorgeous mid-Atlantic foliage. We cannot recommend Deaf Run Trail enough for people looking for a short, sweet off-roading trail. 

Burnt Mill Trail

A short but sweet trail at only 4.7 km long, the Burnt Mill Trail is another great trail for anyone new to off-roading looking to get their toes wet. 

The Burnt Mill is a little busier than the Deaf Run Trail, however. For some off-roaders, this means a chance to network. For others, it’s an opportunity to learn from some more experienced travellers. But if you’d prefer your solitude, you should probably visit earlier in the day – as the Burnt Mill Trail tends to get considerably busier later in the day. 

Like the Deaf Run Trail, the Burnt Mill features some gorgeously thick woodland scenery and well-trodden trails – making it ideal for newbie off-roaders with an eye for aesthetics. 

Bloody Skillet 

Don’t let the name fool you; Bloody Skillet is a gorgeous off-roading trail that caters to both off-roading vehicles and ATVs. At 71.8 km, it’s one of the longest trails on this list. At the same time, though, it’s not considered to be too challenging for most experienced off-roaders.

The Bloody Skillets features a wide variety of terrain types over its long course length – everything from river-hugging gravel to dirt trails and woodland. Like the Burnt Mill and Deaf Run trail, the Bloody Skillet is a great trail for intermediate off-roaders looking for a little bit more experience. 

Top of the World 

Located near the world-famous city of Scranton, Top of the World is our favourite off-roading trail in Pennsylvania. Located in the small borough of Dunmore, Top of the World is a tight, precise trail, one which we’d only recommend for the most experienced off-roaders. 

Starting at the Dunmore Reservoir Number 1, the trail will take you through the tight and winding woods adjacent as you climb up towards the titular Top of the World. Once you’re in the woods, you’ll have two options: head forward and brave the mud run or turn left and continue through the thick forests. Whichever route you choose, you’re bound to have loads of fun as you navigate the dense terrain. 


Eventually, after conquering hills and puddles, you’ll find yourself at the titular top of the world: one of the best views east of the Mississippi and the reason why this trail is our favourite off-roading trail in Pennsylvania. 

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