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Off-roading. The activity at the top of every Landy owner’s to-do list. But there are a few things you need to grab and take note of before you head off the beaten track, to make sure you can find your way back.

The technique

Something we need to cover off first is the technique of off-roading. While there will be many of you who use the ‘wing it and see’ approach, which we do commend, we cannot sit here and recommend it for the beginners and the cautious among us.

Slow and steady is the key. If you’re heading upwards, stick to a walking speed and keep to a straight line. On the way down, stick it in first and take it slow, approaching the bottom with care and caution. Don’t overdo it to start with, ease yourself in and don’t panic; stay calm and collected, the whole way through.

The kit

Comfortable shoes

We’d expect you’re in decent shoes anyway, but just in case, we will pop this one here as a gentle reminder. The purpose of this one is if you do get stuck or need to do a spot of walking, you’re not going to wreck your best shoes or end up blistered to the nines when you get back to base. If you like, keep a spare pair in the boot!

Extra layers

You never know when the cold weather is going to hit, and we all know how quickly the temperature can drop. Also, in case of emergency, pack some extra layers so you can throw them on and get stuck in, whatever happens along the way!

Snacks and drinks

Nothing perishable, of course, but having some snacks to hand and some drinks (read: water) packed can make for a more enjoyable wait if you do get stuck or stranded. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, and we are planning for the worst here, so hopefully, you will stay hydrated and moving without the need to stop and take stock.

A working phone

As tempting as it is to go off-grid, a working mobile is vital if you are heading out into the wilderness. Forget the latest tech, it just needs to have call making capabilities and the numbers of your emergency contacts stored into it, so you can stay on that social media detox if you would prefer.

Rope and the rest

The real emergency kit, a rope in case you get stuck in the mud or suchlike, as well as carrying things like a shovel, a jerry can and a torch. These practical things will stand you in better stead for whatever the road is going to send your way. We actually have a whole range of handy bits to keep you safe and out of trouble. The one thing we would recommend as well is an ARB recovery kit which is going to make getting out of dips and trenches a whole lot easier.

We also have a whole section on the site dedicated to bits of off-road kit, from Terrasprings, to shock absorbers, that will keep you rocking and rolling for longer, making for a smoother drive as well.

Other things to note

Do your research

Wherever you are heading, make sure you do your research beforehand, so you have a good idea what to expect and you won’t be in for any nasty surprises! You can never research a location too much, look for forums, reviews, images, anything you can get your hands on. While we all love a bit of spontaneity, when it comes to off-roading, especially when you’re new to the game, information is key to a safe and successful trip!

Find likeminded people

There are so many others who love off-roading and there are plenty of communities for it too. You might organise to go out as a group and be there for each other should you get stuck or in a pickle. It is also a great way to meet new people and friends, sharing a common goal and interest.

Keep learning

You might think you know everything there is to know about your car but think again. There is always room to learn and to know more, so get your head down, accept advice and information when it comes and make sure you are clued up on your car, with a decent set of tools in case you need to get your hands dirty on the road as well!

Never assume

Even if you have done all the research in the world, nothing is quite the same as hitting the road and seeing it for yourself. Be cautious and learn to explore, if something looks different or unlike the picture, check it out slowly and maybe on foot first if that is safe, and never assume that you know what lies ahead!

You’ve read our advice, you have done your research, now head out into the wild and enjoy the landscapes that this country has to offer. We are lucky to live in the UK where there are so many opportunities and roads to explore. If you look carefully, you will find some real hidden gems and some hotspots for off-roading too! We have plenty of kit to help you get into off-roading, so take a look and shop our accessories here.

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