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Each month, the team here at John Craddock work hard to add more of the highest quality Land Rover parts and accessories to our online store. Tried, trusted and tested, you can buy each of the products on our website with the utmost confidence that they are of the highest quality and compatible with the model stated.

With a lot of our newest additions being for the Land Rover Defender, we thought that we would pick some of our favourites for road trips and camping ahead of the Summer. So, let’s get started!

Expedition Roof Rack (Defender 110)

For a lot of our readers, adventure sports are a big part of their lives. From cycling to water sports, Land Rovers have been accommodating these lifestyles for decades. However, in order to unlock the storage potential of your Land Rover, you’ll need to kit your Defender 110 out with a roof rack. Our Expedition Roof Rack is perfect for this, as it provides the foundation for you to start transporting your equipment. This doesn’t even have to be for activities as a roof rack can also house luggage, tents and awnings to save you using up that valuable boot space.

Defender 90 (2020) Rubber Loadspace Mat

Speaking of your boot space, you may also be interested in our Defender 90 Rubber Loadspace Mats. These are particularly handy for those that enjoy camping, or an outdoor lifestyle. This is because they protect the interior of your vehicle from the thrills and spills that can come with the territory. For example, if you’re often throwing heavy or sharp equipment into your boot, a rubber loadspace mat provides a barrier between that wear and tear and your actual interior. Not only that, but if you often get changed out of your muddy gear following a cycling session or hike, you can also use your boot for storage without the worry that it’ll leak out onto your interior.

Defender 90 &110 (2020) Classic Mudflaps

This one is for the off-roaders out there. Before you take out your Defender 90 & 110 on your next escapade, do a quick check of how prepared your vehicle is. It’s important that if you’re expecting your Land Rover to take on all of the tough terrain and extreme weather conditions, that it has the right level of protection. Otherwise, you could end up racking up quite the bill at your next service or MOT. Certain parts of your vehicle are more delicate than others, with rust and corrosion being a threat if too much water, debris and mud gets access. Our classic mud flaps can prevent this from happening as they form a barrier between your dirty tyres and the rest of your vehicle.

Expedition Storage Boxes

Stay organised and keep your equipment protected with these durable, stackable storage units, available with a high lid or low lid. Manufactured from super tough black high density polyethylene plastic, the boxes lock tight with catches and feature a ribbed structure for additional strength.

The boxes can be stacked on top of each other, with the base fitting firmly with the lid below reducing shifting of cargo in transit.

The storage capabilities of these boxes are limitless – from camping equipment, food supplies, recovery equipment, camera supplies and more.

Discover More Land Rover Defender Parts With John Craddock

As the leading supplier of Land Rover parts, accessories and spares, you can trust John Craddock to provide you with products of the highest quality and compatibility. Whether you’ve got a Defender for off-roading or a classic vehicle for restoration, we love to hear from all fellow Land Rover enthusiasts.

If you would like to view the full range of Land Rover Defender parts available, you can do so on our website. Alternatively, our expert staff will also be happy to discuss any queries that you may have. Therefore, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us.

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