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Last month, Jaguar Land Rover announced  the 2022 iteration of the  famous Range Rover — the first generation of the vehicle past its half-centennial birthday in 2020. The new iteration of the Rover features a brand new design that is laser focussed on providing high tech, luxurious solutions to the problems that the modern driver will face. It simultaneously pushes boundaries like never before while also being a worthy successor to this most successful of models. 

Range Rover: The Next Generation 

This new design represents a whole new design philosophy for the venerable Range Rover — the first since the L405 in 2012. Taking inspiration from minimalistic  designs which de-emphasise the importance of lines, the new 2022 Range Rover features a simplified design, even compared to previous Range Rovers. 

Gone is the tooth-filled grill and subtle yet clean lines of the L405. Instead, it features a sleek, almost understated front and side design which brings to mind the Range Rover Evoque. Meanwhile, new front grill is very evocative of the Range Rover Velar . As such, the new design can be thought of as both a continuation of the older series but also a summarisation of the design philosophy of the entire Range Rover series of products. 

As a result of the fifth generation’s emphasis on improving aerodynamics, the new Range Rover features an incredibly low drag coefficient of just 0.30. The vehicle rides on Range Rover’s MLA-Flex platform, and buyers can select long and short wheelbase layouts. As such, buyers have the option to buy four, five or seven seat configurations of the new generation vehicle. 

The Ride of Your Life

The Fifth-Generation Range Rover utilizes an adaptive air suspension system with a five link rear-axle. This axle links to the navigation system, and is designed to tweak the system for the road ahead in order to make the drive smoother. As well as this, the Fifth Generation Range Rover also operates with adaptive cruise control and steering assist to smooth things out on bumpy trails and other rough terrain. 

To further compliment the ride, the new Range Rover features electronically controlled anti-roll bars designed to keep the road comfortable throughout your journey. According to Jaguar Range Rover, these electronically-controlled roll bars are designed to be more efficient than hydraulic ones. 

Finally, the Fifth Generation Range Rover features a solid, all-wheel steering design that can move the wheels up to 7.3 degrees — making the turning circle less than 11 metres! This means that the new Range Rover is far more maneuverable than its older siblings. 

Improved Sound System

The Fifth Generation Range Rover will feature a 35-speaker system with 1,600 watt Meridian Signature Sound System, with noise cancelling to make the cabin quieter. For an upgrade, the buyer can purchase additional speakers in the headrests. 

Touch Screens

Inside the new Range Rover is a 13.7 digital instrument cluster, which controls the entire car.  The central 13.1 touch screen console offers full haptic feedback. Furthermore, both of the front seats feature 11.4 inch entertainment displays, allowing passengers to stay entertained throughout the entire trip. 

Your Options

The new Range Rover will come in a number of variants, designed to suit a wide variety of driving styles and price ranges — including two plug-in hybrids, three petrol fueled power plants, and three diesels mills. This impressive range will be complemented by a fully-electric version in 2024. 

Your options are as follows:


3.0 litre six-cylinder PHEV

434 horsepower

457 pounds of torque


3.0 litre six-cylinder PHEV 

503 horsepower 

516 pounds of torque


3.0 litre six-cylinder MHEV 

265 horsepower

369 pounds of torque


3.0 litre six-cylinder MHEV 

395 horsepower

406 pounds of torque


4.4 litre Twin-Turbo V8 

526 horsepower

553 pounds  of torque 


3.0 litre six-cylinder turbodiesel MHEV

246 horsepower

443 pounds of torque 


3,0 litre six cylinder turbodiesel MHEV 

296 horsepower

479 pounds of torque


3,0 litre six-cylinder turbodiesel MHEV 

345 horsepower

516 pounds of torque

Finals Thoughts

While the US prices of the 2022 Range Rover aren’t known for certain yet, it looks like they’ll start at an impressive $104,000 for a new model. For that $104,000, however, comes a truly impressive level of sophistication. With a restrained yet unmistakably modern appearance,  the new model is evocative of the Velar, Evoque  and Range Rover Sport, in a way that isn’t overly indulgent. What’s more, its emphasis on technology is really intriguing. 

In conclusion, the fifth generation Range Rover is certainly a luxury SUV and a worthy addition to the Range Rover line. You can learn more about the 2022 Range Rover, as well as take a look at the new model, by visiting Jaguar Land Rover’s website today.

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