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How to clean alloy wheels

Alloy wheels are very much favoured for their aesthetics. When it comes to performance, the lightweight nature of these kinds of 4×4 wheels have the potential to supercharge off-road adventures. However, many drivers favour alloy wheels for the way they look. Many different types from big name brands, including Kahn Design, are available in a wide range of colours and finishes to coordinate vehicle types and styles.

If you’re a big fan of hitting the trails and getting stuck in the mud, you may find that your alloy wheels get grubby quite quickly. From mud to dust from the brakes, all manner of unsightly materials can sully your alloy wheels when you’re out and about. What’s more, the heat generated by the brakes and tyres can bake on these stubborn marks and make them tricky to remove without the risk of leaving scratches.

To help you comprehensively clean your alloy wheels, we’ve put together a quick guide for cleaning them in readiness for your next trip!

How To Clean Alloy Wheels

Invest In An Alloy Wheel Cleaner

If you’re cleaning your 4×4 alloy wheels along with the rest of your vehicle, it may be tempting to use regular car shampoo to save time. This will work to remove surface dirt and grime, however it won’t be strong enough to remove ingrained and baked on dirt that is likely to build up on your alloys. For the best results, we recommend that you invest in an alloy wheel cleaner.

Use A Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are a quick and easy way to remove dirt and grime from alloy wheels. Before applying alloy wheel cleaner, simply fire it up and watch as all the surface dust and brake dust washes away. If you’re concerned about chipping your paintwork or ruining your tyres, choose a pressure washer with variable jet nozzle settings. This will allow you to vary the pressure of the water on different parts of your vehicle to avoid damage. Some pressure washers are also compatible with different nozzle attachments which can be used safely on cars, too!

Follow The Instructions

If you’ve invested in a specialist alloy wheel cleaner, check the instructions to find out how long you should leave the solution on your wheels. This is usually around five minutes, but it can vary from brand to brand. It’s important that you leave the cleaner on your alloys for the allotted time to let it do its things. These sorts of cleaners are designed to remove tough, ingrained dirt, so sit back and let the magic happen before you rinse it off.

Apply Wheel Wax

After you’ve rinsed off the alloy cleaner and allowed them to dry completely, we’d recommend applying an alloy wheel wax to protect them moving forwards. Not only will an application of wax make your wheels look shiny and new again, it’ll also stop brake dust from sticking in the future. Using wheel wax will also mean you don’t have to worry about scrubbing your wheels every week to clean off ingrained dirt as the wax will do some of the leg work for you.

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