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4x4 tyres - Land Rover

Land Rover places extremely high demands on the quality of their vehicles, which means only the best 4×4 tyres are approved for each vehicle.

No matter if it is winter tyres for the cold season or summer tyres for the warmer months and wet road – John Craddock have just the solution for you.

As an owner of a Land Rover Discovery, you will already appreciate its ability to navigate rough terrain, without compromising on your comfort. Their all-terrain ability is down to their tyres.

Land Rover Discovery 4×4 Tyres

Whether you drive your Discovery daily or it’s your off-roading vehicle, or even your most prized possession, you will need to sport a high-quality set of tyres. No matter what terrain your vehicle is travelling on, John Craddock has the tyres to suit your driving preferences, including all-terrain, mud terrain, and on-road Discovery tyres.

If you have damaged a wheel, need a spare, or simply want to update your entire set of wheels, we have Discovery alloy wheels and Discovery steel wheels compatible with your choice of tyre.

What are winter tyres?

Land Rover approved winter tyres will ensure you can travel safely in just about any weather condition. A drop in temperature below 7°C gives you substantially better grip and helps to stop 10% faster than summer tyres. Their natural rubber compound will also significantly improve traction.

Complete the off-roading experience

John Craddock‘s range of high-quality range of wheel and tyre accessories will keep your 4×4 tyres and wheels in fantastic condition – even when you are putting your Land Rover through its paces.

Our tyre inflators are made of solid brass, meaning they are very durable and reliable plus their compressors have some of the highest airflows for a 12v air compressor on the market.

Visit John Craddock to browse our tyre range now

To get a better idea of our range of 4×4 Land Rover tyres, why not pay us a visit today? If you have any questions about any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our team of specialists will be more than happy to help.

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