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When it comes to 4×4 tyres one size does not fit all. Being Land Rover owners and enthusiasts, let’s assume that you are venturing off road in your Series, Defender, or Discovery. Therefore, we can leave the notion of your vehicle remaining on tarmac and only needing road tyres. After all, part of the appeal of Land Rovers is their outstanding capability to tackle and traverse the world away from asphalt. Depending on the geography, all that overlanding is compromised if your wheels have no purchase. Tyres are quite simply about traction, so matching the correct tyres to the terrain of your journey will enable you to get maximum performance out of your Land Rover.

All terrain 4×4 tyres will transition from highway to off road conditions. They are essentially a good all rounder. Unmade roads and tracks, gravel, grass, light snow, crossing fields, and more. These tyres will provide a good grip for the general 4×4 and Land Rover owner. With an open tread for powering over a mix of environments while allowing for self cleaning and expelling debris from in between the tread blocks. Stronger sidewalls and a quieter and smoother ride on paved surfaces are one of the main advantages.

Mud terrain 4×4 tyres are for the out and out off roader. Aggressive interlocking tread patterns with very wide voids and chunky blocks bite into mud and sand. Interior reinforcement to the sidewall reduces the risk of damage from rocks, while the super heavy tread extends over the sidewall lugs for maximum performance in extreme conditions. While these tyres look great on your Land Rover, there is a downside. It takes more fuel to power these tyres both on and off the road. Expect your mpg to drop considerably. They’re also loud and deliver a much rougher ride on asphalt.

4x4 Tyres at John Craddock Ltd

Discover a World of 4×4 Tyres at John Craddock Ltd

John Craddock Ltd has a dedicated Tyre Finder so that you can find exactly the right 4×4 tyres for your driving. Whether you choose mud terrain (M/T) or all terrain (A/T) really depends on how you use your Land Rover. So, it’s best to be honest with how you really use yours. For most people an all terrain tyre is probably best for daily use with moderate off roading. If you’re a member of a club who loves to get up to your wheel arches in dirt and take on the challenges of trialling every weekend, the robustness of a mud tyre is exactly what you need.

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We have a vast collection of tyres in stock. Whether you decide to buy online or in person from our store and HQ in Cannock, Staffordshire. You will find all the major tyre brands including BF Goodrich, Insa Turbos, Cooper Discoverer, Avon Ranger and many more. Need assistance to find the best tyre for your budget? No problem, our team of expert Land Rover enthusiasts are on hand to answer any queries and suggest the right product – Contact us today.

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