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Buy 4×4 tyres online or in store at John Craddock Ltd. The essential component for turning the power developed from the engine and rotating wheels into traction is the tyre. It is an obvious statement, but without the right set for your intended use and journey, progress will quickly halt. In off road scenarios you will become stuck, requiring the support of fellow Land Rover drivers with winches to pull your vehicle out of trouble. The wrong set on the road can compromise tyre life and will not offer the same grip at higher speeds, leading to safety issues. Fuel consumption could increase under these circumstances too.

4×4 Tyres for Land Rover Enthusiasts

One tyre type does not suit all so having a big choice of categories within our Tyre Finder makes searching for your next set much easier. Because we are Land Rover fans, the team at John Craddock Ltd will ensure that owners and enthusiasts will get the correct 4×4 tyres for their intended use. We ship tyres across the UK and around the globe so that whether you are off roading in Staffordshire or traversing the Serengeti, you are fully equipped for a few hours of fun, or a major expedition in exotic locations.

4×4 Tyres for All Budgets

There are famous 4×4 tyre brands like BF Goodrich which have a proven record in many rallies and off road races. In these environmentally conscious times, maximising tyre usage and reducing waste is high on everyone’s priority list, and remoulds by Insa Turbos fit these criteria.

4x4 Tyres at John Craddock Ltd

Whether you are motoring on a modest budget, or your Land Rover is a passion with no expense spared. John Craddock has been supplying tyres for Land Rover owners since 1970 and has Land Rover parts, tyres and accessories for all makes and models. Contact us today with any queries about 4×4 tyres for your favourite all terrain vehicle.

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