Terrafirma Receiver Hitches

Land Rover tow bars are often one of the lowest points of a Land Rover significantly reducing the departure angle and frequently getting hung up while driving off road. Due to the dual purpose nature of most peoples vehicles, removing the tow bar altogether is not an option. 

Terrafirma Receiver Hitches help to maintain 100% versatility by providing a female box section mounting point known as a receiver fitted high up, close to the chassis out of harms way. 

The Receiver Hitch allows a variety of male attachments to be connected to your Land Rover including drop plates, recovery points and demountable winch cradles in fact the options are almost limitless. 

The Terrafirma Receiver hitch has a 2 inch internal bore with enough tolerance to allow a snug fitting 2 inch external square section to be inserted and retained by a heavy pin and security clip. 

Terrafirma Receiver hitches are available for a range of Land Rovers and include the necessary fitting kit and retaining pin. The drop plate provides three levels of height adjustment and the recovery point is machined to accept a common bow shackle. The following parts are in stock and available to buy:

TF873 - Receiver Hitch Defender 90/110/130 up to 1998

TF876 - Receiver Hitch Defender 90 1998 on

TF877 - Receiver Hitch Defender 110/130 1998 on

TF874 - Receiver Hitch Discovery 1

TF875 - Receiver Hitch Discovery 2

TF879 - Drop Plate

TF878 - Recovery Point

TFHPIN - Spare retaining pin

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