KAM Differentials & Components

When 4x4 vehicles are heavily laden and used in seriously tough conditions or even a battlefield, getting stuck and suffering transmission failure can have severe consequences. These consequences can be dramatically reduced or eliminated by increasing the strength of the transmission components most at risk of failure, lowering the strain on the driveline by reducing the final drive gearing and increasing the available traction with a differential locking system.

In the very unlikely event of a KAM upgraded transmission failure, use of the unique KAM fused stub shaft in the driveline will protect crucial components and reduce down time to just a few minutes instead of hours.  

With KAM Differentials & Components traction and heavy duty drive train products fitted to front and rear axles, heavier loads can be carried across tougher terrain with greater safety and reliability. The amount of traction is doubled when a KAM locking differential is engaged enabling even the worst surfaces and driving conditions to be overcome. 

products include: differential locking systems, limited slip differentials, 4 pinion differentials, heavy duty front & rear drive shafts, cv Joints, fusible stub shafts & drive flanges and alternative ratio crown wheel and pinions.

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