Land Rover Parts for Off Road Driving

Off roading is what Land Rovers were built for and pushing your Defender, Discovery or Series Landy to the limit along with your driving skills is all part of the fun! Challenges come in many shapes and forms whether you are enjoying a spot of green laning or pitting your wits against many of the off road courses here in the UK. Maybe you are taking part in an expedition on another continent where asphalt is a rarity. Whatever the thrills and spills you encounter along the way John Craddock Ltd has the Land Rover parts to make repairs out in the field, or when you get your Land Rover back home.   

Land Rover Parts for Trialling and Off Roading Protection

Every weekend people across the country get up early to go and experience some tough but highly enjoyable driving in the form of Land Rover trials. Organised by localised clubs and groups, it’s a chance for enthusiasts to get away from the daily grind of work and get a fix of excitement and adrenaline. If you’re new to this activity, we have all the Land Rover parts you need to get your favourite 4x4 ready for the pre event scrutineering. Experienced hands at this type of driving also know that John Craddock Ltd can supply you with anything you need to repair your Land Rover afterwards!
Prevention is better than cure goes the saying…Anyone venturing out into the mud, over ruts, and up the very steep hills of the trialling world will know that kitting your Land Rover out with protection parts is a must. There’s an array of chequer plate components to add an extra layer of armour to your body work. Vulnerable sections of the 4x4 like the underside are going to bear the brunt of the experience. We like the ORE Steering Guard as its British manufactured and its powder coating is tested to withstand 1000 hours of salt spray. It’s got the same pre treatment and coating as tank armour – could it get much tougher?? Not forgetting Land Rover parts to protect the fuel tank from getting punctured or diff guards.
At the end of a busy day trialling you’ll find all manner of parts like shock absorbers and springs for suspensions, which are sure to have taken a pounding!     

The Leading Supplier of Land Rover Parts to Protect Your Vehicle

John Craddock himself has plenty of off road trialling experience, so when you buy parts from us we have exactly what every off road fan needs to get their Land Rover ready for the next weekend! Please contact us with any queries about Land Rover protection and off roading parts - happy trialling everyone!
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