Easter Adventures with Ride on Defenders

Junior Land Rover fans can enjoy holiday time with their own set of four wheels this Easter holiday, thanks to a brilliant selection of Ride on Defenders for children. For those who want to be like Mum or Dad and drive around in their own 4x4, these battery powered miniature sit on cars are perfect for a journey around the garden, back yard or a trip to the park. Get them started young and ignite a passion for the best and most iconic off roader ever built!

A Big Choice of Ride on Defenders for Children

Here at John Craddock Ltd we are known for sourcing and selling great examples of full size Land Rover Defenders in our Vehicle Sales. You may be more familiar with the plethora of accessories and Land Rover parts to ensure you’re ready for all terrains and situations. But when we saw this collection of miniature Land Rover Defenders we knew they would be a hit with our customers, or their children, to be precise!
Fully licensed by Land Rover and available in a range of colours there are three types:
These 6v electric battery powered Land Rover Defender toys are suitable for ages 3-7 years. Easy to assemble, the power indicator display ensures you’ll always keep on top of the battery levels.
12v battery powered sit in Land Rover Defender vehicles for 3-8 year olds. Complete with a real key start ignition, working LED lights and engine noise, the rear door opens to storage space. Two forward and reverse gears control motion, while double shock absorbers give ride comfort and a there’s a five point seat belt to keep drivers securely in their seat.
Fitted with adjustable twin seats and padded head rests for comfort. This mini Land Rover has Puma styled bonnet, opening doors, rear door and load space, and adjustable mirrors.

Buy Ride on Defenders from John Craddock Ltd Today

We have a big choice of Ride on Defenders available to buy today from John Craddock Ltd. Order online, telephone 01543 577207 to speak to an adviser, or contact us directly. These are just a few examples of gifts which accompany our regular offering of Land Rover parts.
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