Land Rover Parts for Defender Modifications

Part of the appeal of the Land Rover Defender is the way in which it can be adapted and modified. Whether this is for practical purposes or about making a style statement. You will find all the Land Rover parts and accessories to enable you to achieve the look you want for your favourite 4x4.
The Defender is one of the most easily recognisable vehicles in automotive history. An icon of design with a long heritage, as Land Rover fans we love how you can turn your vehicle into something very personal and indicative of your character.

Land Rover Parts to Adapt your Defender

Here at John Craddock Ltd we are delighted to present a series of products and Land Rover parts for Defender owners to upgrade their pride and joy!
We have two XS Front Grill and Lamp Cover Sets which will instantly transform the front of your Defender. Available as a black and silver mesh (DA1968) or silver and black mesh (DA1969) combination. This is guaranteed to deliver a fresh new look. Build on this with the XS Bonnet Vent Set in the same scheme for a coordinated appearance.
One of the distinctive characteristics of a Defender is the prominent bumper on the front. This simple and utilitarian beam of metal has remained unchanged in decades giving a familiar appearance. We have many variations on this theme, but we really like the Defender 90/110/130 Front Bumper with Ring LED Lamp (DA8600). Combing contemporary lighting technology embedded within classic Defender styling.
Lighting is another way to have an instant impact upon your off roaders’ appearance. They don’t come much easier to apply than the kits from Wipac. Simply unscrew the old light unit, replace with the new Wipac unit, change the relay, and you’re good to go! There are currently three great options with clear LED lenses (DA1191), smoked LED lenses (DA1190), or standard colours in the Wipac LED pack (DA1192).

Modify and Upgrade Your Defender with Land Rover parts from John Craddock Ltd

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of Land Rover parts to modify your Defender. With over 100,000 parts available online for all models from the Series 1 through to Defenders and Range Rovers. You won’t find such a comprehensive set of parts and accessories anywhere else. Got a question? No problem, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.
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