Defender Protection Parts and Accessories this Winter

Defender protection takes many forms. If you’re taking your Land Rover off road this Winter, make sure you are prepared for the inevitable knocks and scrapes that come as part of the territory. Here at John Craddock Ltd, we have a comprehensive selection of Defender protection to deflect impacts and reinforce vulnerable sections of your vehicle. We know how much fun off road driving can be! Keeping your 4x4 going through the mud and obstacles of a trial or along a green lane is what we’re here for. 
Defender Protection for the Bodywork and Underbody 
The underbody is particularly at risk when on an off road journey. Despite the clearance a Land Rover offers, especially when it has been raised. The steering, sump, drivetrain, and fuel tank are all exposed to the risks of obstacles like boulders, tree roots, or simply a steep descent which levels out suddenly. Defender protection for the underbody is designed to shield the moving parts and provide an extra layer for the fuel tank to avoid it being punctured. Absorbing the impact to redistribute the force and allow your Defender to slide over the obstacle is the aim of all Defender protection types.
For the body panels, sills and around the wheel arches there are a variety of additional reinforcement like chequer plates which can be attached easily. We are an authorised dealer for Turtleshell, who manufacture stylish panelling for Defender wing panels and bonnets amongst other bodywork parts.
defender protection
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