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Australian outback roads -- the perfect place to test your Land Rover.

We’re officially halfway through winter here in Oz. That means that it’s time to start looking toward the spring and summer. All things considered, this year hasn’t been too bad, weather-wise. But you can bet your cotton socks that it’s going to be a scorcher of a summer. 


To help get you ready for the summer, we’ve put together this great list of spares that we believe every Land Rover owner should have on hand during the summer.


And we should know. Not only is John Craddock based right next to the spiritual home of the Land Rover in merry old England, but we’ve been providing our clients with great Land Rover parts and accessories for over half a century. With that kind of CV, you can trust us to give you quality advice when it comes to what kit you should pack during the summer. 


Now, without further ado, let’s go through our top Land Rover spares for the summer.

Australian outback roads -- the perfect place to test your Land Rover.

Bike Racks 

Off-roading doesn’t just mean driving in your Land Rover. You can have a lot of fun on a mountain bike, even if you aren’t a big bicycle person otherwise. Having a bike rack installed on your car allows you to take your mountain bike with you wherever you want to go. 

Want to go off on your own and adventure for a little while? With a bike rack on your Landy, nothing is stopping you. 

Want to go on a quick bike ride around the park with your significant other? No problem.  

Want to take the kids on a biking holiday? You can easily do that. 

Bike racks unlock so many opportunities for exploration, and the health benefits associated with bicycling are nothing to scoff at, either. It’s because of these reasons that we’re happy to recommend bike racks to any Land Rover owner looking to take their Land Rover to the next level. John Craddock carries a wide variety of Land Rover bike racks. 

Whether you’re looking for one for a Series 3 Land Rover or a Land Rover Discovery 2 bike rack, we’ve got you covered. 


A fridge isn’t an absolute necessity when it comes to Land Rover parts. Most people go their entire driving lives without having one in their cars. But if you’re planning on going on a long journey or doing a few days off-roading this summer a fridge can transform a good trip into a great trip and a great trip into a memory that you’ll cherish forever. 

When Would a Land Rover Fridge Be Useful?

Think of all the times you’ve been stuck in traffic with the kids. They’ve been telling you how hot it is, and you know that you’re probably going to be stuck in the heat for a long time. 

Normally, you just have to wait until you get home or find a petrol station. With a fridge in your landy, though, you don’t have to worry about any of that. You can just get a can or bottle from the fridge in the back of your car. 

Or maybe you’ve gone camping. It’s a hot day, and you’re sitting in the sun. You go to get a drink, but they’re warm. You drink it, and it’s a good drink, but you just don’t get the same satisfaction that you would if it were cold. 

That would be reason enough to have a fridge in your Land Rover, however, speaking in more serious terms if you or anyone in your family relies on medication that must be kept at a specific temperature, having a fridge in your Land Rover allows you/them to go on these long camping trips 

At John Craddock, we carry a wide variety of fridges, suitable for a wide range of Land Rovers – everything from Series 2 Land Rovers to Land Rover Discovery 2s. 


Another great accessory that we thoroughly recommend is an awning. Awnings, if you’re not familiar, are tent-like coverings designed to keep the rain and sun out of your face during your holidays. 

Awnings are useful in a wide variety of situations, particularly if you’re spending time in the outback and know that you’re going to be spending some time stationary. They mitigate the risk of heat frustration in both adults and young people on really hot and sunny days. On cool, rainy days they keep you out of the rain and mean that you don’t have to spend all your time in your Land Rover. 

At John Craddock, we offer many awnings and tents from world-renowned manufacturers such as ARB

Land Rover Parts and Accessories From John Craddock 

For over fifty years, John Craddock has provided our clients all over the world with high-quality Land Rover parts and Land Rover Accessories. Whether you’re looking for a Defender Roof Rack or a replacement steering wheel for a Land Rover Freelander 2, you can find it on our website. 

Browse our catalogue today. Contact us if you would like some more information about our range of products.

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