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Land Rover Discovery Parts

John Craddock offers Land Rover Discovery parts and accessories that will help to make your vehicle truly ‘yours’.

From engine parts for TD5 and V8’s plus parts for brakes, exhausts, steering and suspension, we’re here to help!

For this blog, we will talk you through a selection of accessories we have available and all their different applications.

Essential Land Rover Discovery Accessories

Awnings and tents – We offer a wide range of awnings that fit a variety of activities. For example, the Awning Room Floor is compatible with any Land Rover and Range Rover model, which is ideal for those weekends away where you want to sit out at night without the fear of getting bitten.

Bike Racks – Our bike racks have the capability to hold up to 4 bikes, meaning if you are looking for a weekend of off-roading coupled with a bike ride this is the ideal accessory.

Chequer Plate – The Discovery 2 chequer plate is ideal for replacing a tatty original plus storage nets or shelves can easily be added and it saves crushing everything in the boot when the door shuts.

Exmoor Trims – Exmoor Trims are easy to fit, hard-wearing whilst protecting your seats.

Travel Chairs and Bags – We offer a number of camper chairs that perfectly complement our awnings and tents range and give you a comfy seat to enjoy good weather whilst away in the beautiful countryside for a short break. John Craddock also offers rucksacks plus stormproof bags that will appeal to avid campers.

Mud Flaps – Mud flaps protect your vehicle from any dirt and damage from flying debris while on the road. They will create an effective barrier that prevents dents and chips from rocks and staves off rust patches.

Roof Racks – Our wide range of roof racks offer a solid platform for sleeping and/or sitting and enjoying sundowners.

Wheel Covers – One of our wheel covers will protect your spare wheel and tyre from mud and dirt.

Window Guards – Our Discovery 2 window guards offer protection for the glass and increase security by deterring anyone from entering from the rear part of your vehicle.

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